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In other words, said Doveton, gnosis can overturn the,"....(ibid, The Gnostic paganization of Biblical studies can be summarized thusly:1.The Gnostic doctrine of the migration and/or evolutionary progress of the soul results in spiritual elitism2.Gnostic influence reduces faith to inner knowing and feelings3.The Gnostic idea of salvation is similar to forms of Hinduism and Buddhism calling for absorption into the One Substance4.Gnostics believe that man's problem is not sin but ignorance 5.

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In the anthropology of Scripture, race is an alien concept.

Scripture does not speak of ‘the races’ as subsets of humanity, but it does speak of ‘tongues (which can be translated as religions), tribes and nation’.

As long as the Church concedes to the terminology of a Darwinian worldview we will never get closer to modeling the oneness of the Body of Christ for the world that is spoken of in Scripture.

For the Gnostic, the problem is not 'original sin' but the captivity of divine spirit in the material body6.

For Katherine Jefferts Schori, 26th Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church of the United States, Jesus, or Teilhard's 'Christus energy," is not the Incarnate Word but the route to the impersonal God for Christians.7.

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