Maternity allowance backdating

Once this is submitted we will review, check the tax clearance is in order and if approved will revert promptly to the employer via e-mail. Employers will be requested to give an officer of DEASP permission to check their status with the Revenue Commissioners and to obtain a tax clearance access number (TCAN) using Revenues on line service at the time of application. At this stage an employer could contact their local Intreo centre or employment services for details of suitably experienced and qualified candidates for their vacancy.

An employer may also wish to consider advertising their vacancy on Can persons in receipt of one parent family payment and disability allowance be considered eligible employees under the incentive? The objective of Jobs Plus is to encourage employers and businesses to focus their recruitment efforts on those who have been on the live register and out of work for long periods.

They offer a number of avenues to help you find the optimum candidate. We provide a range of supports and services to employers which are provided free of charge.

Your vacancy can be advertised on their website; on their Jobseeker app and through their nationwide network of offices. An employer information pack which can be accessed at information to employers about these services which include; 20. The job being offered must be for a minimum of 30 hours per week and the employee must work at least four days in any seven day period. I get very busy for the summer months and would like to hire somebody to work full-time for the summer months – am I eligible to apply for the Jobs Plus incentive? Part-time employment and jobs which are short-term and/or seasonal will not be eligible under the Jobs Plus incentive. My employee would prefer to work over three days due to family circumstances, can I facilitate them?

An employer deemed as a public service body within the meaning of 'a public service body' is not eligible for the scheme. This incentive is open to all employers in the private (including commercial semi-state), community, not-for-profit and voluntary sectors.

A person or body funded by the Oireachtas or by the central fund and in respect of which a public service pension scheme exists or may be made is defined as a public service body. In order to qualify an employer must offer full time employment of at least 30 hours per week, spanning at least four days per week to eligible recruits (i.e.

This page lists all of our research reports published from 2010 onwards.

Where an employer has been employing an employee part-time and they decide to make the position full-time, the existing employee may be considered as an eligible employee under the Jobs Plus incentive once they satisfy the conditions of the scheme. An employee hired under the Jobs Plus incentive may not claim casual jobseekers payments. Can an employee sign casually on the live register while employed by me under the incentive?

- just let us know: email 'Free Trial' to: [email protected] There are over 200 Standard Letters on our website for our members to use.

This incentive replaced the revenue job assist and employer job (PRSI) exemption scheme from 1st July 2013.

Employers will be asked to give details of workforce prior to application - where an increase in the work force is not evident an employer will be asked to provide additional information to DEASP to support the application. Yes, once your business is registered as a PAYE employer with the Revenue Commissioners and you recruit an eligible employee you may apply for Jobs Plus incentive once the qualifying conditions are satisfied. How do I apply and register as an eligible employer?

The incentive will not be payable until an officer of DEASP is satisfied that the employee has closed their Jobseekers claim and is no longer in receipt of a payment. Once an employer decides to recruit an additional employee they can log on to complete an online application form which gathers basic information such as name of company, size of workforce, bank details, economic sector of company and includes providing permission for an officer of DEASP to check their tax clearance online. In order to be considered eligible under this incentive, an employer must be tax compliant. Once an employer receives eligibility confirmation from us, they may proceed with their recruitment.

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