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That's an unfortunate situation, but that's not an emergency." But potentially losing a major asset, which is the house, often a major asset, that can be an emergency situation. Every jurisdiction, every state and even county addresses how temporary hearings are to be run.

We're going to be focusing more on Georgia today, so if you're listening to this outside of Georgia, then just keep in mind that you need to talk to a local attorney to find out what a temporary hearing is like in your situation.

Next week, we're actually going to get into things you can do that will set yourself up to hopefully settle with your case, have what's called a temporary order that you never have to get in front of the judge to reach.

I just wanted to make sure I put that point out there. Then the negotiations fail and you have to get in front of the judge to make a temporary ruling. I'm just giving an example that we see that's a good example to lay out.

Leh Meriwether: The judge will step in and put something in place.

Basically, sometimes they're trying to keep the status quo and sometimes they're trying to address a tension in the family relationship that can't wait and could cause potentially harm to the children, and so the court will step in and issue an order if the parties can't reach an agreement.

Leh Meriwether: You know, Todd, one of the reasons I love doing the radio show is it gives us a chance to really dive in deep sometimes on certain topics and gives us a chance to explain, sort of, I guess, pull back the curtains so people can see what's going on in the courtroom. We do shows on all different topics, and sometimes we like to pick one aspect of the process and dive a little bit deeper, okay, because that's the whole purpose of the show, to educate, to give information, and today is no different. If you want to learn more about us, you can always call or visit us online at We're going to talk about what is a temporary hearing and what can you expect and not expect at a temporary hearing.

Todd Orston: I normally don't like when you pull back the curtains, but absolutely. Leh Meriwether: Well, today we're going to dive into temporary hearings. I don't know if esoteric is the right word, but we're going to go a little bit deeper than we normally do. And you don't want to miss next week, because next week we're going to continue this deep dive and we're going to talk about how you actually prepare for a temporary hearing.

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We like going into those topics, but on occasion, we like to dive deep on one topic as well, because we know that there's a lot of people out there than can use this information. Todd Orston: Well, temporary hearing as opposed to the final haring or final trial, it's pretty much what it sounds like.

We're getting a little bit deeper as far as we're talking about one specific hearing that you might have in the case, but it's one of the most frequent hearings.

In fact, in some counties, in some counties you see a lot of temporary hearings and very few final hearings, because what'll happen is you'll have a temporary hearing and then the parties will go to mediation afterwards and settle their case. Going sort of to what we were talking about before, also if you have that opportunity in front of a judge and you have either a full hearing or ...

For many people, this is the first time they have ever been in a court room, so the experience can create a high level of anxiety. Todd and I are partners at the law firm of Meriwether & Tharp, and you're listening to Meriwether & Tharp Radio on The New Talk 1067.

That is why we decided to take the time in this show to explain what to expect at a temporary hearing, including what the Judge will and will not address at this hearing. Here, you'll learn about divorce, family law, tips on how to save your marriage if it's in the middle of a crisis, and from time to time, even tips on how to take your marriage to the next level. If you are dealing with some kind of a legal action, especially if you're dealing with a family law action, a temporary hearing, also known or in some courts known as an interlocutory hearing, are relatively common. Doesn't have to happen in every case, but when there are temporary issues, issues that can't wait until the final adjudication, then most courts will give you that opportunity to come before the court and basically bring those issues up to get some relief pending the final decision of the court or final settlement. Today, we've got a whole series of questions, and the plan is we're going to really talk about ...

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