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Peter said: 'They didn't know swatting was a thing until the Sergeant came down and he knew what swatting was more about.

They finally realized it was a prank and somebody did it and not me.'In a live stream video posted on You Tube, Peter is seen leaving his computer when police arrive only to return minutes later in tears.

They said they got multiple different stories, one was saying that I hung myself and that he (Peter) was threatening to hang himself.'The police were definitely concerned, everybody was "Wow we don't get these type of phone calls, these are frightening phone calls for us".'There is now video uploaded on You Tube titled 'Rolly Ranchers Swatted Live' - it shows Peter happily playing and thanking his new subscribers before looking shocked when he hears the police have turned up.

The youngster then turned off his video camera but his live feed kept going and the police can he heard talking to him and his mom in the background.

It's terrifying that at least one person knows our address and we have the chance of maybe even getting shot.'Peter had seen the number of subscribers to his You Tube channel Rolly Ranchers rocket from just 600 to 87,000 over the weekend after he was randomly paired on a live stream game with famed You Tube gamer Cizzorz.

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Swatting is a deadly new craze in the online gaming community in which a person makes a false report to draw large numbers of law enforcement or SWAT teams to an address.

" and I think one of them said, "Why do you want to hang yourself?

"'They had guns in holsters but they weren't holding any of us at gunpoint, even seeing a gun in their holsters is just so scary.'The baffled cops took a while to realize it was a case of swatting and initially thought Peter had been posting stuff online that had led to a worried person calling 911.

" 'I was thinking a million different things, like what could this mean for my house, for my privacy and for my family and could we possibly even get shot? We were all freaking out.' When he returns to the stream after the police visited his home, Peter was in tears and told his followers that he had been swatted.

Peter and his mother are now keeping a log of the incidents for the police and hoping the pranksters will get bored and move on Since it happened Carol has continued to get prank calls and the family have also had two prank pizza deliveries.

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