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No matter what he or she says about the innocence of such a relationship, "nothing good can come out of it," notes Kaye.A major part of marriage involves trying to fulfill your partner's needs while also making sure your own needs are met.

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My research shows that 69 percent of divorcing couples have reported unresolved arguments which lead to feelings of hopelessness."Less face-to-face time, when it is intentional on one or both spouses parts, is strong indicator that a marriage is in jeopardy.But if not, and having a child is a life goal of yours, you may be looking at the end of your marriage," says Bowman.No problem in a marriage can be solved without open, honest communication."Look, there's a certain amount of work that a person has to do but if you see it's becoming more and more and more, and it continues to increase, especially over the holidays, that's called distancing," said Cardi.When one partner is unwilling to spend any time for personal time for the two of you, she says, you have a problem.

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