Marriage dating customs elizabethan era Adul chattin

The Society for Ancient Hellenic Studies reports that marriage was an important part of Ancient Greek and Roman culture, possibly dating back to 8,000 BCE.

Instead of taking place between a man and woman, the marriage was actually a contract between two men: the groom and the bride's father.

While technically paying a "bride price" was illegal, a dowry was more or less considered a wedding gift.

These letters would usually list the attributes of the young man in question and why the union would be a profitable one for all concerned.

Men, of course, viewed courtship as more business than pleasure.

Land, money, and the family business were all carefully researched, since what belonged to the woman would be turned over to the man upon marrying.

In marriage, the woman's primary responsibilities included bearing children and caring for the home.

A wedding ceremony in the classical period might have included these elements: Prior to the Medieval period, marriage was more of an informal agreement, and there was rarely any contract or document that legalized the ceremony.

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