Male cancer dating female libra

From an expensive car to crystal ware and posh atmosphere and of course, the quality of music, all this add flavor to your mood.You will never compromise in style and environment. It applies the same for you also as you will not go out when your shoes do not match with the dress.You are moody and become hurtful when you are disturbed and just opposite to it Libran woman will always come ahead to resolve the differences.Although you both want to keep harmony in between but being emotional and restless Cancerian mind it less to keep it.

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You are beautiful and may have dimple in your cheeks.

then there is possibility to run the relationship with lot of personality differences.

However, you both are against discord so it is expected that then relationship may go on with lot of gaps and holes. Therefore, cancer man is suggested to avoid emotional tantrums.

He can devote his love to his sweet woman and in turn can receive interesting conversation.

Being emotional you can be partial whereas Libra- holding the symbol of scales is fair minded.

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