Male bisexuals chat rooms

You are spouting off outdated stereotypes that link sexual orientation to pasttimes interests, which makes you sound profoundly ignorant and outdated. I think every group (straight guys, straight girls, gay guys, gay girls) tends to harbor a certain amount of groupthinky animosity towards its pool of potential mates.

R73 and R71, who cares if I am masculine or feminine, I just don't want to be banal and if it is outdated to think that being gay means thinking for one's self, then I will be outdated and not wasting my time watching televised sports.r70, of course they're not straight in the literal sense of heterosexual, but surely you're not too dense to recognize that "straight" has become nothing more than a code word for "not a prissy urban clique type who speaks with a phony accent and uses annoying mannerisms."r74 is clearly ordering his life based on longstanding resentments. I think most of that comes from a frustrated sense of entitlement and an inability to see beyond some of our bullshit cultural tropes: madonna/whore, prince charming, corbin fisher/caftan and earrings, and the U-Haul dating narrative.

I hate to break it to you, R30, but this hot gay guy, Malachi Marx, is also smart and knows how to make his porn career last in this era of "straight"-idolizing gay men.

All the mainstream masculine bisexual and gay dudes have the option of being closeted, and 98% of time they take the option. Then I discovered that he was gay and all of the lust just left.R64 - You say "Subculture Outsider Mindset" like it is something to be ashamed of.Only a banal bear like yourself would think that watching football at a beer bust and eating hotdogs from a crock-pot is worth defending.He would waste away and die if he had to actually do something on his own, like a triathlon. Wow, this thread is just filled with self loathing, sad people. Lengthily tressed Berlin broke the mold by sheer force of his beauty.i have a friend of mine who works in the gay porn industry and he told that the whole gay for pay thing is a big lie.that's the way studios makes money.While it is true that many of those guys do have girlfriends,it doesn't mean that they are 100% straight.

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