Making eye contact dating

“I was sitting at the bar when he walked into the room and looked at me.I met his eye contact and smiled.” My friend was asking how I had managed to attract the attention of a particular gentleman, and so I obliged her with a blow-by-blow of our meet cute.In fact, men counsel other men on receiving eye contact.It is her cue, they say, that she wants him to talk to her.When a man enters a room, the first thing he’s looking for is a woman who will return his gaze.If you’re not giving him eye contact, he will not approach you.

In fact, one scientist actually succeeded in making two people fall in love in a laboratory: The participants sat face-to-face and answered a series of increasingly personal questions before staring silently into each other’s eyes for four minutes.

But with a little practice, you will be catching eyes all over the place and likely feeling pretty good about the whole thing, too.

Here are three steps for catching a man’s eye naturally and confidently.01. Even for a guy, making direct eye contact with a woman is difficult, especially with one he’s interested in. We get nervous if a man we find attractive is looking at us. What we do not realize, however, is that feeling nervous is totally natural. Think of all the things you have done in five seconds worth of time: Read this paragraph, eat a bite of a banana, laugh at a funny You Tube video.

Many women need to work hard to boost themselves up and remind themselves of their beauty and worth.

A lot of that must happen within our hearts and minds, but we can take exterior steps towards building confidence by doing simple things, like making and maintaining eye contact, that affirm that men are, in fact, interested.

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