Madeline follin and brian oblivion dating

We were trying to create something new off of the pallette of things we really like, but getting those kind of classic sounding, almost vintage tones without making them sound cheesy really was a hugely difficult endeavor which paid off in the end, because now that we know how to do it, we can do it again faster. I mean, I guess I was inspired by Derek from Sleigh Bells.

LP: I read you’d have broken TVs wheeled into the studio? We work at the same studio with the same producer and when they were making that album, Reign of Terror, I walked in one day just to say “what up” and Derek had decorated the entire studio almost exactly like his room when he was, like, 15 years old…He had football posters and posters of hot chicks leaning up on cool cars and these plastic F-16s everywhere.

Standing amongst a crowd of cheering students and a surprising amount of couples, I silently watch guitarist Brian Oblivion and lead singer Madeline Follin of Cults make their way to the spotlights at the front of the stage.

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And we’ve gotten a lot better with our production, our visual show, which we’ve spent a lot of time on and it’s really fun to work out. LP: I saw on your last tour you guys played around 300 shows.I mean we’re still learning a lot every time we play, but we expect to learn faster and to do better and we blow up at each other all the time. It’s funny, the opening bands that are on this tour, they’re, like, afraid to talk to us.They thought we were crazy for like the first four shows because the moment we get off stage we go into like 15 minutes of screaming at each other, even if it was a great show. It’s a weird thing to watch from an outsider perspective, but it’s healthy, I think.LP: People are always describing your band as a ’50s/’60s pop nostalgia band.This seems strange considering I read you were in a Slayer tribute band at one point? We’ve grown up liking so many different bands and so many different kinds of music.

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