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From a traveler’s perspective and politics aside, I have to say I do feel like they are overdoing it a bit.With 1/3 of the country still living below the poverty line, one can’t help but be baffled and even annoyed by the excessive amount of new statues and monuments that have gone up or are going up every which way you turn.You’ll just have to mind the government’s (hopefully) temporary mess.This is frequently mentioned fact though to tell you the truth, it wasn’t that obvious to me.It’s a lame law but not unheard of, especially where I semi-come from (hello, Sweden).

Same goes for my visit to Sveti Naum – another monastery 30 km away that I highly recommend you get out and see.

Its comparison to Las Vegas is dead on and my only fear is that this crazy project is going to overshadow the inherent attractiveness of the place.

It’s hard to deny that it is a strange situation, but overall it shouldn’t take away from what really matters here and that is Skopje is a cool city to visit and is full of cool people.

Though I was bummed to have missed the place in its prime, I enjoyed the absence of an excessive amount of tourists tremendously.

Especially on those evenings I climbed up to Sveti Jovan Kaneo to watch the sunset.

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