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It causes some young girls to rebel either in obvious or not so obvious ways and it makes even more of us just plain sick and tired of hearing about it.

One mother told me, “My older child nursed every three hours, so I could complete errands in time to feed him.

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I hate to be the one to say this, but as Bob Grant would say, someone's got to say these things, might as well be me. I know it's insensitive, given the fact that we're part of a shidduch , but from what I see, there's a lack of hishtadlus, or effort, going on among many singles.

In fact I'm going to take what many readers see as my favorite topics, add a new slant and show how they are connected.

Yup, it's another post on tznius and it was inspired by a post on Megapixel's Blog and a comment I made in response to this post.

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