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Granted, no one wants to feel lonely and the temptation to try and fall in love with someone new immediately after falling out of love can be powerful.But is that a good enough reason to rush from relationship to relationship?She suggests checking in with yourself first thing in the morning.“The mind is honest when you are in a tired state, so it is a good check in with yourself to realize what you're thinking about right when you wake up,” she says. If so, that’s a pretty obvious sign you still need more time.“I got on Tinder right away, because I had found out my ex-husband cheated on me.I didn’t actually go on a date, though, until about four to five months after my divorce was finalized.Someone once told me "better to be alone than in bad company," and that always resonated with me.

My ex and I were separated, and I wanted to put the whole thing behind me. C., and guys I dated were perplexed that I could be so young and already have been married and divorced. He said ‘I can’t handle that,’ and then just up and left.

Another thing De Keyser points to as an indication that you’re ready to date again is when you’ve stopped comparing everyone you are attracted to to your ex.

“When you are finally getting over an ex, this should come naturally to you, she says.

I didn’t want to repeat some of those negative actions in my new relationship.” —“I got divorced about nine years ago, and I started dating as soon as I got divorced. I think when you’re the one filing and you want to get divorced, it can be an empowering time.

Seeing myself through someone else’s eyes was a breath of fresh air.

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