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Sub-letting is legal in Germany and can be an option for temporary accommodation.

Good places to find sub-lets are usually among your network of friends and acquaintances and on the internal message boards of large organisations.

This means that even if you take over a lease from a friend or rent an identical unit in the same building, the rent for the new lease may be much higher.

Sky-rocketing rents in certain areas have lead to demonstrations and protests.

Limited contracts exist where the landlord has a good reason for being unable to continue renting the property after a certain period, such as a need to use it themselves or planning to sell. In both cases, The tenant can give notice according to their contract.

A three-month notice period is typical after the initial contract period.

Make sure the lease agreement includes all the relevant details, and that you understand the conditions for breaking the agreement before the end of the initial contract period.

According to the new law governing commission policies () is usually cheaper than living alone.

A two bedroom apartment in Berlin, for example, will typically be upwards of EUR 400.

In each case, you can easily double or triple these estimated minimums by looking for a central location or a larger, family property.

Apartments may be in divided former family homes, such as farms or townhouses, but purpose-built apartment blocks and tower blocks are also common.

A split townhouse may be called a is a somewhat derogatory term for a tower block, i.e.

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