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Iran is one of only seven countries in the world that imposes the death penalty for homosexual acts.[4] Based on law, or Islamic religious law, Iran’s Islamic Penal Code (IPC) provides for the death penalty and lashing of individuals convicted of engaging in sexual acts with someone of the same sex.[5] Due to the lack of transparency surrounding these executions, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to determine definite numbers.[6] Iranian officials state that human rights protections enshrined in international conventions do not apply to homosexuals. There are no reliable statistics available on the total number of LGBT persons in Iran.[3] The IRI’s treatment of the LGBT minority since the Iranian Revolution of 1979 has been the subject of serious concern from the international community.The report contains a thorough examination of discriminatory provisions in the IRI's Islamic Penal Code, as well as numerous witness accounts from LGBT persons about the persecution and discrimination they faced in Iran. Treatment of Homosexual Acts under Shari’a law 2.1.1. Difference in Treatment of Active and Passive Partners in Sodomy 2.1.3. Treatment of LGBT Persons and Homosexual Acts under Current Iranian law 3.1. Shima, a male to female Iranian transsexual interviewed for this report, stated that after being arrested at a party, the transsexuals at the party were specifically told not to gather in large numbers.Table of Contents Executive Summary Introduction 1. Attitudes towards Homosexuality during the Qajar and Pahlavi Eras 1.2. She also reported that she and a number of her transsexual friends were arrested at a park, although they were not doing anything illegal.[12] Classified as a mental disorder, homosexuality can be grounds for exemption from military service, which is compulsory in Iran.

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Iranian laws give parents extensive discretion in disciplining their children.

He was told that he would be taken to police headquarters.

Farshid was out with his friends when the agents approached him.

Lack of Protection against Abuse of LGBT Persons by Family Members 5.6.1. The newest version of the Islamic Penal Code was implemented in 2013, and it will be in effect for at least five years.

LGBT persons are also subject to torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatments or punishments in violation of international law.

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