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Where it all began: The i Pod promised to bring music to the masses, and it did.

But, in the process, it killed off the album (and, more importantly, the record shop) and has left a generation of music listeners caught on shuffle Somewhere along the way, presumably in a cynical attempt to brainwash their millions of worshippers to become more emotionally attached to their little gizmos, the people at Apple ditched the word 'function' and swapped it for 'experience'. global) launch of the i Pad earlier this year, Apple boss Steve Jobs told the audience how the i Pad would provide them with a 'good email experience' and 'a nice keyboard experience'. Those are magical experiences - the sort of things that fire you up and create a memorably emotional response. A long-time worshipper at the altar of Apple, he has posted several blogs about his love affair with the i Pad. The highbrow television quiz chairman described his first i Pad encounter thus: 'When I switch it on, a little sigh escapes me as the screen lights up.'Ten minutes later, I am rolling on the floor, snarling and biting, trying to wrestle it from the hands of an Apple press representative.

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I tuned into a Radio 5 Live show the other day to hear one i Pad 'early-adopter' claiming deliriously that his freshly imported Apple purchase had 'changed his life'. The only way you will take it from me is to prise it from my cold, dead hands.' And it gets worse.

With constant connectivity to the internet (not that reliable if you read some of the i Pad's early reviews) it perpetuates a concept of work and play melding into one seamless, uninterrupted, elongated day - where email, news, pictures, film clips and music are presented as a constantly whirring attraction on your lap, requiring your undivided attention.

The implication is that if you aren't plugged in, you simply don't exist.

I'm offended by the self-important manner in which Apple has created a technological apartheid, mainly just by charging a lot more, but also by distancing itself from ordinary PCs - that's personal computers to the uninitiated.

PCs, Apple wants you to know, are for lowly, poor and unimaginative people with boring jobs.

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