Liquidating of ghetto

The Lipsky brothers were shot when they were caught trying to smuggle in food in a cart.

One died and the other was sent to a concentration camp.

There were about 130,000 Jews in 116 localities, including 35,000 in nineteen locales in the Grodno subdistrict.

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In the morning the workers from Ghetto Two were held up at the gate, and suddenly the commandants of the two ghettos, Kurt Wiese (Ghetto One) and Otto Streblow (Ghetto Two), appeared and began shooting at the workers indiscriminately.

The three were taken to a central site in the ghetto and hanged in front of the Judenrat and other Jews who were ordered to watch the spectacle.

When Aharon Rubinczik, the head of the Jewish Police, balked at tying the noose around the victims necks, Wiese did it himself.

From the transit camps the Jews were transported to Auschwitz and Treblinka.

Jews from the Bielsk-Podloski subdistrict, in the southern part of the district, were sent directly to nearby Treblinka without passing through a transit camp.

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