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The man up above sees how good we’ve been to these men/women but again we have to suffer. Me5/30/18: May God the Father anoint me with the Holy Spirit and clothe me with the Power, Spirit and Authority of Jesus Christ to preach the gospel according to Mark .

May Jesus Christ anoint me with the double portion of tongues of fire what apostles received; and may the Holy Spirit fill me with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and revelation on God the Trinity, the Church, and the word of God.

These wild older women have the experience it takes to drive you crazy.

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My husband is weak and with that being said, that’s even more of a reason why God should place him back at home. Not a hard pill to swallow but more like overdosing off the situation.

Also, it is a truly divine form of charity to pray for others, especially for those most in need! Annette5/30/18: Please pray we have a house in escrow, which was found to have many problems.

As Pope Gregory the Great once wrote “He causes his prayers to be of more avail to himself who offers them also for others.” In other words, as our Lord said in Luke’s Gospel “Give and it shall be given to you” (Luke ). Praying that the sellers have the will and honesty to fix the defects.

Please note as well that due to the large volume of prayer requests we receive, we cannot publish more than one post for prayer requests from the same person on any given day, except for those requests involving emergencies.

We're trying to give as many people as possible a chance to be heard on this prayer line. Prayer is a beautiful, as well as essential, way to ask for Our Lord’s help and blessings.

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