Life after dating a psychopath

You put more time, energy, and thought into it than ever before.

And in turn, you were rewarded with the nastiest, most painful experience of your life.

This unhinged, unpredictable lifestyle is what psychopaths hope to create with their lies, gas-lighting, and triangulation.

By keeping them on your mind at all times, you fall into a state of desperate love.

Most of my posts have been about how to identify psychopathic traits and patterns of behavior and about understanding what drew the psychopath to you–and you to him–originally.

I have also written several posts emphasizing the importance of no contact of any kind, passive or active, in being able to recover from the toxic relationship.

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Your mind convinces you that if you feel so powerfully, then they must be the only person who will ever make you feel that way.But what you want to avoid is you, yourself becoming pathological and living in an atmosphere of paranoia, pointing fingers at others left and right, and becoming consumed by the underlying hatred and distrust that characterized your relationship with the psychopath.Moving on means, as Aristotle and other Greek philosophers urged, leading a well-rounded life.You began to pick up on all sorts of hints that you might be replaced at any time.This encouraged your racing thoughts, ensuring that this person was on your mind every second of the day.

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