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Tourism Libya The official tourism portal of Libya.Discover Libya Tourism information about Libya by Libya's Broadcasting Corporation.Libyan Arab Airlines Libyan Airways, the national flag carrier airline of Libya is based in Tripoli Discover Libya with its antique vestiges and cultural heritage like Oea ( Tripoli ), Sebratha, Leptis Magna, Shahat (Gorina), Tolmitha (Ptolemias), Sussa (Apolonia), Tukra and Benghazi (Berink), its landscapes like the green mountain series, the Mediterranean beaches and sea, and the Sahara desert.

This has persisted despite the existence of international conventions and legal frameworks classifying slavery as a crime against humanity.QADHAFI's crackdown on protesters spawned a civil war that triggered UN authorization of air and naval intervention by the international community.QADHAFI's regime was toppled in mid-2011 and replaced by a transitional government.The fourth largest country in Africa is about the size of Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and the UK combined. Independence: 24 December 1951 (from UN trusteeship). Constitution: 11 December 1969, amended 2 March 1977--established popular congresses and people's committees.Libya's main population centers are spread along the more fertile strip at the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Geography: Location: Northern Africa, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Egypt and Tunisia. mi., more than three times the size of France) Terrain: Mediterranean coastline, highlands and deserts (90% of Libya) in interior. Agriculture products: Wheat, barley, olives, dates, citrus, vegetables, peanuts, soybeans; cattle.

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