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I have to say that when Joan Jett sings this song, for me it is impossible to not feel it takes on a whole new meaning. Prince's take on this song brought it back to life. The first time I heard this song I was about 7 I think. It's a great little song about something most of us will always treasure, our first time.

She is singing about "her" and how she wants crimson and clover over and over...............trying to give the song a perverted meaning but that is how it comes across when Joan Jett performs it. My mother was a teen when this came out and she tells me that it was known by everyone that this song was about the first time.

It spent four weeks at #2; one week before hitting #1 and then three weeks after "Everyday People" by Sly and the Family Stone bumped it out of the top spot... WHen I was a kid, this came on the car radio, and when it came to the tremolo vocal part my mom thought there was something wrong with the radio, lol. By the way, I think Meatloaf should be required listening for all kids going through puberty--"So now I'm praying for the end of time..." (google it if you don't know.)It's really neat to hear everyone's opinion on what this song is about, and I would like to put my 2 cents in, too.

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A year later (summer of 2007) I was visiting CA to see my friends, and I heard this song in its entirety while we were coming back from the beach.

:o)This song always reminds me of my friend Danny Fawcett's 1965 white GTO!

He drove it our senior year at Kokomo High School in 1968.

I seriously think it has to do with the feeling he was having when he was high and he also liked the color crimson and the flower clover just went with it somehow. Lots of sweet naughty things are pinkish/purplish and crimson. The long version of Crimson and Clover makes me cringe--having been used to hearing the radio edit to begin with. Both songs sounded as though the longer versions were made up as they went along.

You know when your high you kind of just release this feeling and go with it. I love the longer cut, and having a good ear for music when the song first came out with the shorter cut I coud tell a peace was missing from the song.

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