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Initially he, together with the councillors, approved our block for sale to us (through real eastate agent) and for building our house in easement - a forbidden zone for building.Apart from that, we didn't know, that we were supposed to create another Portal in that creek and after 20 years of drama we did create it.Each time I would come to the Council and ask their clerks to show me on the map where the buffer zone was, they would get frightened and show me nothing. I decided to make a thorough research and fight the council by writing letters and going to their meetings.Looks like my Higher Self wanted me to have experience with councils.

We also didn't know, that mayor and councillors of our council were involved in corruption, I was told that that mayor was working as a mayor for more than 15 years.

After that I had dreams making the same speech again.

But I am glad I did, we won the case and I wasn't jailed for speaking at the council.

With years our place turned up from bearable (busy and steep Carrington Rd.) into a nightmarish place with a busy Portal.

In a few more years 4 Mobile phone Towers were built around our house, creating a cross with our house in the centre of it.

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