Land registry updating registered owners

Land Registry also produces a title plan, showing the location and extent of the land or property’s legal boundary.

The plan doesn't usually show ownership of boundary features.

The registered owner of an estate, the registered proprietor of a registered charge and the beneficiary of a unilateral notice are all examples of parties who are obliged to provide an address for service.

This must be a postal address (although a “care of” address may be provided).

Every inaccurate address for service on the title register increases the chances of registration fraud.

Although fraud victims may be entitled to an indemnity payment from the Land Registry, this may be discounted if the fraud is found to have been due to a lack of proper care by the claimant.

The opportunity to respond in time will clearly be limited in the event that Land Registry serves notice on an outdated address, or is required to post correspondence to an address outside of the UK.

Recent changes to Land Registry practice emphasise the importance of checking an address for service.

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The Land Registration Rules 2003 oblige prescribed persons to provide an address for service to enable the Registry to effect service of formal notices.Property titles give an accurate and up-to-date picture of legal ownership of land in New Zealand.Information on researching and updating property titles is below.If you think there is an error in a title or survey record, such as a misspelt name or incorrect legal description, you can request a correction to a land record.By registering title to land in Northern Ireland, there is a register of landowners whose title is guaranteed by the state.

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