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Katarina was famous not only for her exceptional athlete career, but she was also called "the most beautiful face of socialism".Right after her second win Olympics back in 1998, she appeared nude for the 'Play Boy' magazine which was the second most sold-out magazine in the world.'And the thing is when you wear those dresses and you try them on in the dressing room you are standing up but when you sit down, everything slides down a little further so I should've watch it and I'm watching out now.'For instance with Chemmy - I tried to protect her - I saw her in the afternoon where they did the whole lift where she was all up in the air, and it wasn't comfortable, I could tell, and she's a tall girl, and it just came out, the wrong word that I said - 'big', and I said sorry to her right after.Who wouldn’t wish to enjoy a blissful relationship along with a successful career?

According to Katarina, her boyfriend, who went around in stripy trousers couldn’t fit into the East German world.

The famous figure skater and ITV's Dancing On Ice show’s judge Katarina Witt is one of them who couldn’t enjoy her achievements with her first love. The gorgeous and talented Katarina Witt herself has talked about her tragic love story.

In March 2015, she revealed how East German secret police spied on her since she was eight years old and how her first real boyfriend was deliberately removed from her life.

Well, it looks like we'll have to wait a little longer before our curiosity gets addressed!

The 52-year-old Katarina Witt was born on December 3, 1965, in Germany.

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