Justification for updating clearquest feature level

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If you have configured your license server to deny the anonymous user an Insight license, Insight will not start up correctly and users will not be able to log into Insight.Sometimes a combination of these tools needed to be used in order to format the text, example it has to be URL decoded first then formatted.With the three basic tools above I found that almost any text I come across when working the RPT can be formatted into a human readable format.In new Insight installations, this problem may not happen until the trial license expires.00000060 licensing E CRREL1033E: User 'anonymous' cannot log on to the Rational Insight report server.The user is not authorized to access the report server web application. License Unknown Exception User/host not on INCLUDE list for feature. Out_Name(Unknown Source) at rational.insight.licensing. Insight License Manager.validate Insight Licenses(Insight License Manager.java:167) at rational.insight.servlet.

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