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The senior consultant rubbed my eyes with his thumb and said, 'Are you sure you are safe to go home? 'If I did anything out of turn that she didn't want it just got worse. She said to me 'I want to take you away from your family and ruin your life.' 'I remember one time she hit me on the head with a laptop plug and I was bleeding and I said, 'Please help me'.I had my head down and blood was pouring out of it.Asked by Mail Online if he could have got away, he said: 'You can't.When I in hospital after she stabbed my wrist and my tendons in my hand, she walked out of the building because they were going to operate on me. But they have to go on what I say and, at the time, I was scared of the consequences of going against the person abusing me. And if I did, there would've been massive repercussions.Worth pleaded guilty to controlling or coercive behaviour in an intimate relationship, wounding with intent and causing grievous bodily harm with intent between April 2016 to June last year.Neighbours of the couple often heard them arguing said Miss Syed and the sounds of things being thrown in the house.The court heard it was in June of last year that neighbours called police to the couple's home in the village in the early hours after hearing shouting.The ambulance crew noted injuries to his hand, burns to arms and legs which were being self treated with cling film.

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It was three years of mental abuse and then it turned physical.'His girlfriend Jordan Worth, 22, She stabbed him with a knife, scalded him with boiling water, banned him from their bed and decided what clothes he should wear.'It was an alarm call of boiling water hitting my skin.I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night for no reason at all other than that happened.There was cling film round his ankles, and a hand wound that was bleeding.He was taken to Bedford Hospital's acute clinical unit and then to Addenbrookes Hospital.

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