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” Says Barbara “I don’t want to make any of you feel bad or anything, but wait until you hear about my Harry, twice a week he pays someone 0 an hour just so he can lie on their couch and talk to them, and who do you think he speaks about at those prices? After seeing a psychologist for over three years, he was finally pronounced free to go.Asks Barbara with a big excited double chin smile, “I’ll tell you who he speaks about! “Wow this is so exciting you mean I am finally cured?!

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John quickly pulled over, parked his car, and walked inside.

Jamie Foxx made a super timely joke about Black History Month and white chicks ... Jamie threw a super baller NBA All-Star basketball tournament "Chacha The Wave" Saturday at his house in Thousand Oaks, CA -- and stopped to talk to a photog about BHM and "Black Panther." That's when he declared, "No white girls 'til March 1st." Great line from the comedian, especially considering what had happened the day before ... We all know he and Katie are waist deep into their relationship -- have been for years -- so, we're guessing, he's only making the joke because they're that tight.

when he walked out of a live ESPN interview because they brought up Katie. Bonus fact: Jamie's whip in this clip is a Rezvani Tank ...

“Oh Mom,” Anne exclaimed in a disapproving tone, “some animal must have suffered terribly just so you can get a fur coat.” “ANNE! After her son spent over 2 hours teaching her how to use it, she was sure she knew everything there was to know about computers.

” Screamed her Mom Aghast ” I SEND YOU AWAY TO COLLEGE AND YOU COME BACK TALKING LIKE THAT?! Unfortunately though, one day she couldn’t get it to start so she promptly called an IT guy to come over and take a look at it.

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    I did like him and I did want to keep seeing him but the prospect of making it official just didn’t feel right at that point in the relationship and I desperately wished he would just drop the issue and let things happen rather than forcing them to.

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