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We all know Rizzo is most definitely one of the good guys and the call was ruled legal on the field, but today MLB seems to be singing a different tune. Nominated by John Kane, “Captain Tippett is also a mother, beloved family member, mentor and friend to many.

She was shaving her legs right there in a packed public pool! Here are today’s questions followed by the answers so you can play along: 1. Letters reveal that late actor Alan Rickman had ‘frustrations’ with playing Severus Snape. What cooking BFF does Snoop co-hosts Pot Luck Dinner Party with on VH-1? SOLO: A Star Wars Story made 3 million on opening weekend, but it was expected to do much better. What 1994 romantic comedy did Hugh Grant star in with Andie Mc Dowell?The story makes us even happier that we are here to spread love and we are back at it again this week – looking for another Everyday Hero!Tell us about someone doing good in your community in 150 words or less and send it to [email protected] consideration. Today’s edition of Austin’s Presidential Fun Facts features the 38th president of the United States Gerald Ford.Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend rooted for Khloe Kardashian’s ex James Harden last night in Cleveland. *BASKETBALL *HARRY POTTER MARTHA STEWART JABBA THE HUT FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL * INDICATES FREE ANSWERS FROM TODAY’S CHEAT SHEET WITH LISA ALLEN AT . Have you seen the now-controversial play from yesterday’s Cubs game? – KOZ and Jen We announced our first ever Koz and Jen’s Everyday Hero!It involved Anthony Rizzo sliding into home plate and making contact with the catcher in the process. We are pleased to announce our honoree Captain Yashika Tippett, U. Army Reserve (Retired) and founding principal and superintendent of Air Force Academy High School, the only public Air Force JROTC Military Academy High School in the USA.

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