Javascript code for validating radio buttons dating without getting serious

A drop-down thus works as an alternative and in specific cases, a better option, as compared to radio buttons and checkboxes. Did we say an alternative to both radio buttons and checkboxes?But, it should have been just the radio button, shouldn’t it?typical bug when entering javascriptfunctions is to forget about the importance of capitals in javascript.The word "function" needs to be spelled exactly as "function".For the second set, I edited the Group Name for each radio button choice, calling them both Question5.

As it is now i press one of the options bokes and it inchecks an option box in the other group. You can access this from the same menu you used to add the buttons. A simple way to do is to set the Group Name property for the option buttons in the form."Function" or "FUNCTION" would not be say you had a function called validate Email() that would check if an entered emailaddress has an @ in it, and if it has a meaningful end, such as "com", "net" or whatever.Furthermore, suppose the user could enter his emailaddress in a form.Set it to OB1 for first three option buttons and OB2 for the next three option buttons.Now they will work as two groups and you can check one each from eithr groups.

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