Japan coin dating

The reverse, just like the last coin, had displayed the year of minting, value, and the text "本 日 大". In 1874, during the circulation of the gold 1 yen coin, the Empire of Japan issued another 1 yen coin, which circulated alongside it in Imperial Japan.

Having this low of a weight, the coin is able to float on , which symbolizes the healthy growth of Japan, with the title, "日本国", above it and the value below.

The reverse displayed the value (which for the first time was written as 一円) with The current 1 yen coin, which was first minted by Japan in 1955, includes the most new features than any other 1 yen coin before it.

It is only 1 gram in mass and 20 millimeters in diameter.

Different dating systems existed in ancient times and have been used next to each other, generating confusion and misunderstanding.

The basic points of reference are either the years of the reign of an emperor or local authority (regnal years) or a special local event like an important victory or a town gaining independence (local Era).

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