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After Properties property bag; this allows us to access the data that we want to copy (just the title in this example), based on the internal names of the fields in the list schema. Select Content Type, name the item Xbox360Bundle, and click Add.Create a Visual Studio 2010 project based on the Empty Share Point Project template. Visual Studio creates the content type with the name "projectname - Xbox360Bundle".However, by default it also binds the event to a list template.We want to bind the event to the Xbox360Bundle content type instead of the list template.Note that the Site scope of a Feature refers to site collection (see Figure 7); Web scope refers to the sites. Setting Feature scope Next, you must open the file, Event Receiver1.cs, and add code to the Item Added event.

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To support the item-splitting scenario, this example also demonstrates how to cancel an action with no error on a Before event receiver.

Summary: Event receivers in Microsoft Share Point Foundation 2010 enable your custom code to respond when specific actions occur on a Share Point object.

Practical examples in this article show you how to use events to enhance your Share Point applications.

Repeat the steps for the other two content types, applying the names Xbox360 and Kinect.

Next, right-click the project and add a new Event Receiver item with the name Bundle Event Receiver. This step creates an event receiver class that overrides the Item Adding event.

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