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”We are providing high-quality jobs and want to work with the universities as we are a very research and development focussed company,” said Mr Arnùs.

This is good news for Central Park Bristol, as it shows the belief in the world market that Bristol and Avonmouth offer an advantageous foothold in the UK market, and is a perfect place for distribution.

Nick Lachey and Vanessa Minnillo have announced that they are planning to get married.

In a joint statement, the couple said: "We're excited and incredibly happy about our engagement and we look forward to a wonderful future together." A source told People magazine that Lachey proposed to Minnillo "near a beach" in California. If anyone's heard the rumors of my engagement, they are absolutely true!

“We want to sell 50 to 60 turbines a year so that will mean a bigger operation,” said Mr Arnùs.

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”Bristol is an area with good universities,” he said.

Richardson suffered multiple injuries to her face but has since been released from the hospital.

Hightower’s attorney, Clyde Bennett II, told People he’ll fight to prove his innocence.

Their relationship was filled with ups and downs, as the couple broke up for five months, but got back together in 2001.

After dating for a year, Lachey and Simpson got engaged and walked down the aisle on October 26, 2002, in Austin, Texas.

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