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Unfortunely Marie was quite smitton with Brian from the very get go and decided to stay and talk to Brian instead of going to meet Steve. Young spent 1985-1986 with Tampa Bay and 1987-1999 with San Francisco.You may be thinking of Joe Montana who, after 14 years (1979-1992) in San Francisco, was traded to Kansas City and spent the final two years of his career with the Chiefs.The singer has been single since divorcing record producer Brian Blosil in 2007 after almost 20 years of marriage.Osmond fell into a deep depression when her second union fell apart and she has credited her brother Jimmy with "saving her life".Even as more states begin to embrace marriage equality — including Maine, as of today — same-sex marriage continues to be a hot button topic.The sheer amount of money spent in the fight over Proposition 8 is indicative of the polarizing and emotional nature of the debate, and the flap over Miss California Carrie Prejean’s opposition to same-sex marriage, which continues to make national headlines, further illustrates that the battle for marriage equality is far from over.After establishing her career as a singer, she moved to acting industry.

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After this she started dating Brain Blosil and tied the knot to him in October 1986.

Although “preaching to the choir” and rallying the troops on your side of the debate may be invigorating, it does not do much in terms of changing hearts and minds.

When a public persona like Osmond, a devout Mormon, comes out in support of equal rights for gays and lesbians, those that are opposed to same-sex marriage or are still on the fence are more likely to take notice and listen.

As we all know, after the heavily publicized 85 million dollar battle over Proposition 8 (which banned gay marriage in California), many gays and lesbians felt targeted by the Mormon Church, since a sizable percentage of the money donated in support of Proposition 8 originated from massive drives initiated by some high profile church members.

Although some Mormons groups such as Mormons for Marriage made the case for legalizing same-sex marriage — and the wife of NFL Hall-of-Fame quarterback Steve Young, who is the great-grandson of Brigham Young, famously took a stand against Yes on 8 — gays and lesbians were left with the overwhelming feeling that the Mormon Church was instrumental in stripping away their right to marry in California.

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