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Over the years, we seen history, be a part of it and more so, shaped the way how Wrestlemania is today.

Now, let’s us look at the ten moments of the 24 years luxurious legacy of Wrestlemania.

[notice the negligence on the ECW’s title] I do agree that there could be more focus surrounding the Intercontinental Title and the title could be featured much more than it is.

The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) presented the award for Best Visual Effects.

This is not an overstatement to glorify the event but more importantly of what it stands.

In 5 weeks time, Wrestlemania will reach its 24th birthday (that’s even older than me) and it would be held at Florida.

JR: “I assume that there is a chance, but I have heard nothing concrete about this matter.

In 2008, I would rather see an influx of new, young talents make their debuts in an organized, systematic process rather than see the same established talents simply change addresses.

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