Is dr travis stork dating jillian michaels

"If you want to get a message across, it's ," she said.

"And for my message, there's no vehicle like ' The Doctors' to say ...

One man lives on a fast-food and soda diet that leaves him so fat and lethargic he can't fully help his wife with their special-needs son.

Another man survived leukemia only to binge drink and smoke.

So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.

Within her first few episodes as a new co-host on daytime TV's "The Doctors," Jillian Michaels drops the F-bomb, confronts the mother of a pregnant teen by asking, "Where were you when she's having sex at 13 years old?

And while a doctor probably can't do something that outrageous, she can -- and will. I say, ' The proof is in the pudding.' The guy is dying. I'll do whatever I can to take him back from that place." The comment, however, which was aired before a studio audience during a taping last week, ultimately did not make the final cut and will not be seen by television viewers.

On "The Doctors," "we really dig in there and help people with the 'how to' of life transformation." As part of her new gig, she's unveiling a multi-part special within the show called "The Doctors' Wake-Up Call with Jillian!

" It launches on Friday, and will then air on consecutive Thursdays and feature Michaels working with three troubled couples who are struggling with destructive habits.

" and says that women who dress provocatively are "inviting danger." And she draws gasps from a studio audience when she throws down this challenge to a man whose addiction is slowly killing himself: "Why don't you be a man and blow your brains out!

" If you thought Michaels was outspoken and in-your-face on NBC's "The Biggest Loser," then she's downright explosive in her new role on the syndicated show that airs locally on CBS.

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