Irish single men dating

Online dating is a wonderful alternative; you simply let us know the type of man you would like to meet, and we introduce you to potential partners that seem to match your requirements.

For singles who are sick of bad first dates, it's certainly the way to go!

I love traveling, Aviation, Photography and nature. Hi,my name id Fergal,born and raised in Ireland ,and I am new enough to this site.

I a very fun person, I love sport both watching and playing.

And that leads on to looking good, we like women to look great, to make some effort with clothes and their appearance, but please don’t become obsessed shopaholics. If we forget to reciprocate, and we’re sorry, that might happen, just remind us.

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It's the most effective way to increase your chances of finding love.Your spirit is important, nobody is looking for a push over as a long term girlfriend, and we don’t want to feel that we’re your whole life and you rely on us for everything.The balance here is displaying independence, while showing you care for us too.After all, professionals often seek like-minded singles as partners because they tend to have a mutual understanding about the demands of having a busy career.If this is the case for you, you're in the right place; 82% of Elite Singles' members are tertiary educated, and with the majority aged between 30 – 55, many are at the height of their careers.

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