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removing Christian symbols from public places); facilitating the displacement of native populations via mass migration into Western societies; dual loyalty because of Jewish sympathies with foreign Jews, especially Israel since 1948; and the history of Jews as a hostile elite in the USSR during the period when it became the most murderous regime in European history.Since I believe that these propositions are intellectually defensible, and since these propositions, if believed by non-Jews, would cause them to attempt to lessen Jewish power and thereby further their own interests, it is indeed the case that my work could be said to provide intellectual legitimacy to anti-Jewish attitudes and behavior.But this isn’t really any different from claiming that Zionist theories provide intellectual legitimacy to the dispossession of the Palestinians - or that Freudian psychoanalysis provides intellectual legitimacy to anti-Western attitudes.Another reason behind the exponential rise in interracial marriages is the fact that the society has become more tolerant and acceptable of mixed race culture.“Today, we see people of different cultures and religions in colleges, at malls, shopping complexes, sports events and holding key positions in various organizations.

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