I didn’t test the whole 3G/4G remote viewing capabilities because that doesn’t seem like it would work well in any app and I didn’t need that feature.

The ones I mention below cost a few bucks, but it’s well worth it because the free ones are terrible.


However, for me it worked because I was only using built-in webcams on Windows machines.

You literally have to exit the app and then go back into it. Overall, though, the app works well and does a good job of streaming video from your webcam and the setup process was again very easy.

Very strange and hopefully something that’ll be fixed in future releases. It automatically finds the sources and lists them in the app.

The first app that I found when doing a generic search was i Cam for .99.

It seems to be the most popular and has the highest ratings in the App Store. Just install the Windows or Mac software and install the app on your i Pad or i Phone.

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