Interreligious dating red flags when dating

"This collection of essays is an essential text for anyone who wants to follow cutting-edge interreligious work.For years, interreligious scholars have been calling for women's voices to join interreligious dialogue, theology of religions, and comparative theology.When couples get engaged first and then start thinking about working through their differences, it can be difficult to discuss potential conflicts because of the pressure to move forward with wedding plans.So, the conversations to have before getting married are the same conversations as for people of the same faith tradition. Specific to your question: Yes, there are many conflicts that can occur with couples of different faiths.Though women have been objects more often than subjects of interreligious dialogue, they have nevertheless contributed in significant ways to the dialogue, just as the dialogue has also contributed to their own self-understanding.

Jillian Maxey is a doctoral candidate in Comparative Theology at Boston College, working in the area of Jewish-Christian Dialogue.We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.Question: My boyfriend and I are beginning to have serious conversations about marriage. He has attended Mass with me on multiple occasions, has prayed with me, and is open to conversations about marrying in the Church and raising our kids Catholic.What would be your advice for conversations we should have before deciding on marriage and also advice for our lives together as partners and potentially parents?Answer: I want to commend you for considering this question now.

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