Internet dating infographic

Amish have also set out to found communities in less traditional areas of the country.States such as Colorado, Maine, Texas, Montana, and Tennessee have seen Amish relocate within their borders.71% of teens have a television in their bedroom and watch up to 3 hours of TV a day.The other time spent is on the phone as the average teen sends 60 texts a day and uses their smart phone to consume their sizable digital diet. Common Sense Media reports that teens now spend more time consuming a digital diet such as watching television, listening to music, interacting on social media, playing video games, etc. On a daily basis, teens spend: …Parents think their children only spend about 3 hours online each day.

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How does that digital diet fit in with other activities such as sleeping and homework?

The question is: Will the content be a positive or negative use of time? Digital media can provide opportunities to learn, spark healthy interests, get inspired, and develop hobbies.

Talk to your teen about their online behavior and monitor digital media usage.

A study found that parents assume their child only spends three hours online each day.

If you are concerned about your teen’s digital diet, take action.

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