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Laura didn’t launch the project alone though, she collaborated with friends and fellow actresses – Jamie Miller and Emily Diana Ruth.The actresses met in 2012 when they were all working together on Emily Diana’s first narrative film The Water’s Fine which was filmed in Canada. Laura Spencer has NEVER been married, at the time of this writing.While recurring on The Big Bang Theory, Laura simultaneously recurred on Bones as Jessica Warren.

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Laura continues to appear on the series on an as-needed basis which means that she doesn’t have to be in every episode.As of September 2017, the trio was able to raise over ,000 funding for the project. However, she has been in a relationship with a mystery guy since 2015 or earlier, we speculate, as she began hinting about him in late 2015Laura’s The Big Bang Theory character Emily Sweeny has three tattoos including one of a Sally rag doll from the Disney movie “The Nightmare before Christmas”.Spencer took to Twitter to give fans a closer look at the tattoo.Also in 2009, Spencer appeared in three other films including; The Familiar, OU, I Love You and Nabot.In the small screen, Spencer appeared in an episode of Funnell of Darkness.

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