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It was probably in The Cottage that I had my very first taste of continental food, spaghetti bolognaise, which was a speciality.

That was a huge contrast to cooking at home which was very plain English food, bangers and mash, shepherds pie etc.

Like you, I remember that the place was reknowned for drugs, etc., but I don't remember witnessing anyone taking part - although I probably would not have known if they were in those innocent days.

My friends and I would devour huge fried meals there when we could afford to - think I put on a stone in two years!

The 7" vinyl records on the Juke Box at that time, would by now be collectors items, the whole selection probably worth quite a lot! I also went there on a regular basis for around 2 years in the very early '70s.Met my 'first love' there, (Stella Webber).and then my wife, (Carol Greenland), not at the same time I hasten to add. I frequented The Cottage back in the early to mid 1960s: with long hair, eye-liner, fishnet stockings and a duffle-coat or a red PVC mac.Blind Lemon Jefferson I believe that its 'relatively new name' pertains to Texan blues musician ' Blind Lemon Jefferson' (1897-1929) whose life is shrouded in mystery; even his date of birth cannot be confirmed.Although the name Lemon sounds strange, it was not unusual at that time in Texas.

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