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The building attracted tourists, visitors, and protesters.

With a rear of enameled brick, it was 10 stories tall and featured a tower 320 ft (98 m) tall containing a large clock and 4,500 pounds (2,000 kg; 320 st) bell, topped by a 9 feet (2.7 m) copper weather vane in the shape of a ship.The 1885 building was subsequently demolished in 1929, and the exchange temporarily moved to Van Buren and Clark while a new building was constructed at the La Salle and Jackson site.The 1885 allegorical architectural sculptures of 35 ft (11 m) Industry and Agriculture, two figures of a four-piece set, were removed from the original building and now stand in a nearby pedestrian plaza."The building, on which two million dollars had been lavished in the midst of an economic depression, was denounced by the anarchists as...the crowning symbol of all that was hateful in the private property system.".

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