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We call for more research that rigorously examines what contextual factors influence young adults in dating relationships to dissolve relationships following EDI.Three experiments examined whether downward social comparison may enhance satisfaction in close relationships.Galician suggests it is all in how we watch; being critical of these shows makes a as a comedy.It is important to recognize that these “reality” shows are anything but real.Approaching the show in this way will make the absurdity of the show apparent.The phrases listed at the beginning of this post should get you started; you could also add “the claws will come out!For example, Pozner writes that producers film 100% of the time, but use less than 1% of what they film.One of her suggestions for critiquing these shows is a media literacy drinking game where you drink every time one of the “characters” says a particular cliché phrase on the show (if you’re over 21 – or 19 in Canada, and not planning to drive, you might consider using one of our shot-glasses! Watch out though, you will soon realize that these cliché phrases are not few or far between.

Findings suggest that individuals in higher quality relationships appear to have considerably more to lose in their relationship when emotional or sexual EDI occurs.At the end of the most recent season of , a 25 year old who didn’t get a rose depressingly proclaimed that this was “her last ditch effort” to find love and that the show had confirmed that she was destined to “end up alone.” Believe it or not, ladies, such comments send the message to us that if we are not in a relationship by a certain age (in this case 25!) there is something wrong with us and our only option is to prepare for a life of miserable solitude. The early stage of a relationship is referred to as the passionate love stage, and is characterized by intensity, high levels of desire for a partner, and obsessive thoughts about the relationship.In a thought-generating task participants were asked to generate features of their relationship in which they considered their relationship as (no-comparison condition) Experiment 1 and Experiment 3 found evidence that downward comparison resulted in more relationship satisfaction than merely generating good qualities of the relationship in both dating and marital relationships.Experiment 2 and Experiment 3 showed that engaging in downward comparison moderated the effect of relational discontent upon satisfaction, but only for those high in social comparison orientation.

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