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ception was unhandled by user code Message=Cross-thread operation not valid: Control 'label_Output' accessed from a thread other than the thread it was created on." I have put the full error in the comments in the code.

I thought using delagates was the correct way of getting around this.

Use the initialization parameter to remove the bad control file and restarting the database immediately.

Then you can perform the reconstruction of the bad control file and at some later time shut down and restart the database after editing the initialization parameter to include the recovered control file. For example, you might want to do so if the location of a control file is no longer appropriate.

Remember that the database must have at least two control files at all times.

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It is very important that you back up your control files.

You declare and event handler in the class, like: Private Sub m_Text Box_Change() Then give the event handler the ability to notify a specific textboxs parent form which textbox fired the event by calling a method on the form.

I am trying to avoiding writing 80 event handlers for each of the boxes.

In other words, could a single event sense when anyone of the 80 boxes has been changed, and then pass the appropriate information as to which control has changed?

Such structural changes include: You can create an an additional control file copy by copying an existing control file to a new location and adding the file's name to the list of control files.

Similarly, you rename an existing control file by copying the file to its new name or location, and changing the file's name in the control file list.

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