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A divorce mediator will charge from 0 an hour to a couple of 0 an hour.

Obtaining a divorce without an attorney is a lot of work but, if you can't afford an attorney it is your best option. Collaborative Divorce: In a Collaborative Divorce, there will be two attorneys, two Collaborative Coaches, a Divorce Financial Specialist and if you have children a Child Specialist.

You'll be asked to answer, in your own words, free-response queries about your passions, hobbies, desires, dealbreakers, strengths and more.

The good news is, once the initial hard work of the profile is complete, Elite Singles takes over and the rest of the experience is streamlined.

In most states, mediation is a voluntary process which allows couples to retain control over the outcome of their divorce without hiring attorneys and going to divorce court.

The only cost associated with a mediated divorce is the cost of the mediator, fees paid to have an attorney review the agreement and filing fees with the court.

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