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As I ignored the cries and went on fucking her, the screaming turned into moaning. ” Suddenly her body tightend and she stopped moaning, having her first orgasm during sex.

I stopped, but slowly started pumping again because I felt I was gonna cum.

In confusion I rolled out of bed, picked up my girl’s phone and answered.

It was her mother, asking me if we (Melinda and me) if we could babysit on her 16 year old sister, Maggy, that weekend, they were going on a weekend trip to the family beach house.

“I still don’t think this is a goo..” I tried to say when she suddenly moved her hand lower, and started to rub my dick. With one smooth move I pushed away the fabric and entered her tight pussy with two fingers, her body directly tightening up, while moaning loudly. ” My hand quickly going in and out of her pussy, while sucking on her left boob made her moan like crazy after a while.

“why don’t you stop thinking and start relaxing? When she yelled she was cumming, I couldn’t take it any longer, took out my hand and went lying on top of her.

She agreed, but wanted me to ask her parents if it was ok, and so I did.

She asked me to wait, but I couldn’t’take it anymore, I pushed down my boxer , tore apart her small panties and pushed the tip of my hard dick into her pussy. I thought, when I started slamming my dick in and out of her.

She screamed in the beginning, while blood was flowing out of her pussy.

” she said while her hand went into my boxer and took a firm hold of my dick. the moaning suddenly stopped and with a scared voice she asked me what I was doing.

I’m gonna fuck you that’s what I’m going to do!

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