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I was responsible to put in my reasonable effort – but beyond that, I could let go.

My daughter is divorced, and suffers from her own anxiety issues. But the pills kept me on an even keel so why not take them if they help. I credit Hashem, IFS therapy ( with healing my emotional life and being able to be med free for years now. I too am suffering from depression, on the outside to other people I look fine and totally function normally. I hope you get a chance to read this, Im not the best when it comes to words but I can relate to your experience.“It’s as real as a broken leg.” So I grudgingly took the medicine each day, and a week or two later, my life began to change.The inner pain was gone, evaporating like dew, and suddenly I could take joy in simple things: being with my kids, making dinner, taking a walk. I’d been afraid that medication would control me, imposing a false and frenetic cheerfulness -- but it didn’t. For that matter, the Torah recorded that the Jewish people were punished — not for sinning, but for not observing the commandments with joy. I wasn’t happy about it, but you can’t have everything.Her siblings who were much older , had already left the house, to begin their lives, so she was basically an only child.I did not finish college until much later in my life because I was terrified of Math.

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