Group m consolidating print buying operations

She added that the consolidation will include an expansion of the Springettsbury Township facility, though those details have not been finalized. The consolidation, referred to in the news release as a "multiyear manufacturing optimization initiative," is expected to cost the company 0 million to 0 million in restructuring and consolidation costs and million in capital investments during the next two years.The company made the announcement in a news release describing its 2017 year-end results, as sales dropped 6.7 percent worldwide and 8.5 percent in the U. The Kansas City plant served as the hub for operations of the company's Softail, Sportster and Street motorcycles, all of which will now be manufactured in York County, according to Lauer.About 800 employees currently work at the Kansas City plant, and some salaried employees will be offered positions in York, Lauer said.

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Kevin Schreiber, president and CEO of the York County Economic Alliance, called the announcement "a classic American comeback story" for York, noting that it's probably a different story in Kansas City.He said: "Consolidation should push costs down as a result of scale but it doesn't.It increases marketing spend to support monopoly practices and power." Ted Woodhouse, director of IT strategy at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, said: "My experience is that anything that reduces competition is, by and large, bad for the customer. Which is, of course, from the suppliers' point of view, one reason why M&As are happening." But not everyone agreed."As purchasers of goods and services we demand product suites and keen pricing.We are therefore partly responsible for suppliers buying market share, expanding their product portfolio, consolidating their back-office functions and offshoring production to Asia." But Paul Broome, IT director at, disagreed.

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