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I have a Grid View control associated with a formview control. Now for my Grid View, I have a column named "Edit" and when selected it will switch the Grid View into edit mode, allowing the application user to edit certain column values in my Grid View.If I press the update button, I then want to get the values entered or updated in the Grid View control. This works for the first four Grid View column values, but not the remaining Grid View columns.Presentation Layer (UI) Presentation layer cotains pages like or windows form where data is presented to the user or input is taken from the user. Hope this article helped you understanding 3-Tier architecture and desiging it. Updated on July 01 2008: Source Code attached Full Name: Sheo Narayan Member Level: Honorary Platinum Member Status: Administrator Member Since: 7/8/2008 PMCountry: India Regards, Sheo Narayan MVP, Author, Writer, Mentor & architecting applications since year 2001.Business Access Layer (BAL) or Business Logic Layer BAL contains business logic, validations or calculations related with the data, if needed. Data Access Layer (DAL) DAL contains methods that helps business layer to connect the data and perform required action, might be returning data or manipulating data (insert, update, delete etc). Connect me on | | Hi, Nice article; Well and simply explained.And I am not able to access their values in the C# code behind. I have included the Grid View markup and the C# code below that. The Text Boxes do have an ID, but it's not one you can easily come up with yourself. Controls[0] should be the Text Box for field 5.) Superguppie.I am not getting anything back when I read it by using the row. So why am I not getting values back from my text box control fields, and the one textbox field? Your suggestion did not work, and I assume it is because the Grid View does not have an ID for each Grid View column field. Instead, find the Text Box for each column in the Controls collection of the Cell for that column. Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you.Here, I have assumed that you will create the respective stored procedure yourself into the database or you may download attachment from using System; using System. In this case definitely the passing number of variable will not be good idea.

How we can pass a large amount of data from one layer to another. Regards Haneef Dear Sir, Thanks so much for such a nice article, I am sure it will help a lot of new . I have a small problem while using your code, I am not being able to enter and save a date field in a plain textbox (also tried using a datepicker).

Now, create a class named Person BAL3 into App_Code folder by right clicking it and write respective methods for calling Insert, Delete, Update and Load methods of Data Access Layer class file (Person DAL3) (In my case I have a 3-Tier folder inside App_Code folder, you can directly add inside App_Code or you can create a separate project for BAL and add reference of this project into your Presentation Layer). In the above method, I am instantiating Person BAL3 and calling the Update method by p[assing required parameters.

I am not goint into details of how I am connecting database and manipulating the data just to make this tutorials short. Code to Update records Above method will fire when Update link will be clicked for a particular row of the Grid View in edit mode.

Lets create a form that will have three textboxes for First Name, Last Name and Age.

Now we have to write our Presentation Layer that will use our Business Access Layer methods.

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